Tips For Effective Plastic Surgeon Marketing And Branding In 2020

As cosmetic surgery has become more affordable and socially acceptable for everyday folk, plastic surgeons now have a much bigger prospective client pool. However, competition in the field is also fierce, and good marketing and branding are essential for success.

Here are some top plastic surgeon marketing and branding for 2020:

  1. Produce as much branded content as possible for all of the most popular platforms on the web including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Facebook, Reddit, etc. Making guest appearances on YouTube channels from popular influencers is also a great way to grow your brand.
  2. Publish more before and after photos on your website. Prospective clients want to see proof of a surgeon’s skills, and before and after photos of past surgeries are a good way to showcase such proof. Be sure to show work featuring patients of many different body types, ages, and ethnicities so prospective clients from all backgrounds can get an idea as to the results they can expect.
  3. Encourage your previous clients to post online reviews on the biggest review sites. More people than ever now check online review sites before contacting any plastic surgery clinic. If your brand has lots of unfair negative reviews or fake reviews, be sure sure to hire the services of a marketing firm that specializes in reputation repair.
  4. Keep in contact with current patients via an email list. In most cases, it’s easier and cheaper to market additional procedures to existing patients than to advertise to a new audience. Sending out engaging monthly-themed newsletter emails is an effective marketing strategy.
  5. Work with a digital marketing agency. Running a successful SEO campaign is now more challenging than in previous years and can be very time consuming and expensive. For many plastic surgery clinics, outsourcing SEO work to a digital marketing agency makes sense from a time, money, and effectiveness perspective.
  6. Make sure all areas of your website are up-to-date. When engaging with prospective clients on social media platforms, you eventually want to redirect them to your website, so it needs to be secure, professional, and up-to-date. If your website has not been updated for a few years, it may be time to hire a professional web designer to get it up to today’s standards.

Featured above are 6 tips for better plastic surgeon marketing and branding in 2020. Remember, with any marketing and branding strategy, you should always be looking to the future so you don’t get left behind your competition.

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