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Use Caution When Filing Disability And Life Insurance Appeals And Litigation

It is certainly normal to consider filing an appeal and litigating a disability claim when it has been denied. It isn’t that you shouldn’t appeal the decision, it is that you should consider carefully whether or not to do it internally or through the court system said a trusted and best ERISA attorney Torrance based. There are some situations where it might make sense to do an internal appeal but there are many situations where it would be far better to take it through the court system. Here we’ll take a look at why you should use caution when filing disability and life insurance appeals and going forward with litigation.

What Is An Internal Appeal?

Image result for get the insurance company to pay the disability applied forA typical insurance company will give the option to appeal their decision internally. Making this choice is giving the insurance company a chance to reconsider their decision and possibly change that decision. This process is commonly called an internal appeal.

The exact process of an internal appeal will depend on the insurance company but most of them will have several steps and part of this includes your gathering all the information possible that might sway the company your way. It can take several months to work your way through this system. The average person does choose this method if for no other reason than because they don’t know they have another option.

Does It Ever Make Sense To Do An Internal Appeal?

If you have very strong reasons to believe that with some additional information the insurance company might change their mind, then it could be a good choice to take the appeal through the internal system. Often this would be a situation where they’re making an initial denial but at the same time, they’re asking you to clarify some information. Or it may be because you failed to submit something that was needed or you were unable to make a medical appointment that you were scheduled for.

Why Is It Usually Best To Forego An Internal Appeal?

Everyone’s end game should be to get the insurance company to pay the disability applied for. For this reason, it is usually best to simply skip over the internal process. Unless there are very good reasons to believe that the insurance company is likely to change their mind, then it is simply a waste of time and an extra step to go through this process. It will also mean that you will use up energy and resources that could better be used for the real fight which is through the court system. Make it clear to the insurance company that you won’t be bullied by filing an appeal through the court system.