Services Offered by Vehicle Locksmiths

Have you lost your car keys, did they get broken or have you locked them inside the car? Then you need to call and unlock your car with help from California Non Stop Towing or any other vehicle locksmith near you.

Manufacturers have currently added a lot of security features in vehicles which keep them safe from thieves and bandits. These features include car alarm systems, laser cut keys and transponder keys. All these features ensure your vehicle security though in times of crisis they may prove to be a problem making it harder to navigate through the problem alone hence creating a need for a vehicle locksmith.

Services Offered by Vehicle Locksmiths

Image result for Services Offered by Vehicle LocksmithsLocksmiths are mostly a call away in most regions offering services such as removing a jammed key from the ignition, car ignition replacement, assisting when in an auto lockout situation, car lock replacement, car key duplication, car trunk opening, car key replacement and transponder key programming among other services. The time taken by locksmiths to reach you will depend on your proximity to the locksmiths.

Car Lockouts

This situation occurs when keys are lost, broken in the lock or locked in a car. Locksmiths in this situation use a vast array of tools such as slim jims which open locks with an upright style make and wedges which are used to open a wide variety vehicle models.

Car Key Replacement.

Though the above tools have proven to be effective in car lockout situations of many vehicle models, they may not work in others hence calling for a car key replacement. New keys are made using a code machine. The time taken to make a new key depends on how complicated your keys are. The code machine has proven to be effective and dependable in all forms of lockouts.

Car Key Duplication

This can be done when you are in need of a spare car key. Locksmiths use a key duplicator to perform this task. An original key is required in this process. Key duplication can go wrong for a rookie. This is because it is an art and not an exact science. Also using a duplicate key can also lead to this technology not working and therefore it is advisable to always make use of the original key.

Car Key Extraction

This occurs when your key is broken or stuck in the car lock. The key could be stuck in the door or in the ignition. In both cases, it is prudent to have the key removed immediately so as not to cause further damage to the vehicle. A broken key extractor is used in to remove the key.